Bay Area 2019: Landed Partnership Event Sizzle

“It Only Takes One” – Compilation 2018

“It Only Takes One” – “Mean” Joe Greene

“It Only Takes One” – Tony Dorsett

“It Only Takes One” – Herschel Walker

“It Only Takes One” – Daryl Johnston

2018 CFP Foundation Championship Weekend (Atlanta, GA)

College Football Playoff Foundation Introduction

2017-18 CFP Foundation and EYFT Season Recap

2018 Playoff Fan Central EYFT Activation (Atlanta, GA)

2018 Teacher of the Year Championship Experience (Atlanta, GA)

2018 Taste of the Championship (Atlanta, GA)

2018 Extra Yard 5K (Atlanta, GA)

2018 Extra Yard for Teachers Lounge (Atlanta, GA)

2018 Extra Yard for Teachers Summit (Atlanta, GA)

Eckrich Million Dollar Challenge for Extra Yard for Teachers

Extra Yard Classroom Makeover Project: M. Agnes Jones Elementary School

It Only Takes One: Rachel Lindsay

2017 Extra Yard for Teachers Week Recap (60s)

Thank You Teachers From College Football Compilation (60s)

“It Only Takes One” Compilation

“It Only Takes One” – Tim Brown

“It Only Takes One” – Troy Aikman

“It Only Takes One” – Russell Maryland

“It Only Takes One” – Darren Woodson

Be Inspired. Inspire Others. Teach. (60)

2017 Atlanta Public Schools Literacy Training

CFP Foundation Overview (2017)

2017 CFP National Championship Weekend Sizzle (Tampa, FL)

2017 Teacher of the Year Championship Experience (Tampa, FL)

2017 Taste of the Championship (Tampa, FL)

2017 Extra Yard 5K (Tampa, FL)

2017 Extra Yard for Teachers Summit (Tampa, FL)

2016-17 Extra Yard for Teachers Season Compilation

2017 College Banner Program with Derrick Brooks (Tampa, FL)

2017 Extra Yard Classroom Makeover Project – Dallas

2017 Thank You Teachers

2015 & 2016 Summit Compilation Sizzle Reel

2016 College Banner Program with Darren Woodson (Phoenix, AZ)

2015 College Banner Program with Tim Brown (Dallas, TX)

2016 Thank You Teachers