The Extra Yard for Teachers Summit is full of speakers and ideas from across the country; however, we are always looking for cool and compelling stories from the local community.

So, we open up auditions to give you, the Bay Area home team, a chance to share your story as an educator. We want you to submit a description and/or 90 second video telling us what you would like to share with Summit attendees. Your story can be funny, sweet, heartwarming, a learning moment, teachable moment…you define what meaningful moment or lesson you want to share with the audience from the Discovery Stage or in the Summit activation space.

The deadline for submission deadline was 5 p.m. PT on November 9, 2018.

Vernon Keeve of Oakland won the auditions! Please make plans to come hear his talk in the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit on Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific.


The curatorial committee will review ALL submissions and let you know if we can accommodate your idea.

There are always more stories and ideas than there is space in the day, which makes the committee's job tricky. But, we definitely look at each and every submission and then build a robust day of great content. So, send us yours!


The Summit Exhibit/Activation opportunity is located in the "Educator’s Alley" area and is open all day (10am-6pm PT) on January 5 and 6 for teachers. It is a lively environment, full of conversations and activations from local and national partners as well as other teachers as a means of giving the Bay Area educational community a chance to connect. Examples of past Summit audition submissions include: a round table discussion on building self-esteem in students, a mindfulness session to teach techniques for the classroom, and a giant floor map activity that inspired creativity and delight in learning. We're open to anything you suggest!

The Discovery Stage is where speaker sessions and presentations will happen throughout the weekend. This intimate stage, built for an audience of 200, will be programmed with a mix of live talks and documentary footage. The presentations are short (6-12 minute), TED-style talks.

Workshops are 90 minute sessions on both January 5 and 6 for 40-60 guests. These are focused, targeted sessions where we invite you to engage in a smaller group setting around a lesson or learnings you want to share with your peers.

Questions? Email